Welcome to SPOCRA

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

SPOCRA Mission

The mission of SPOCRA is to promote a healthy, secure, and increasingly decentralized network by building a trade guild and community of Stake Pool Operators in the Cardano ecosystem.  

SPOCRA aims to do this by primarily serving to educate, train, and certify stake pool operators on secure and best operation practices in addition to providing relevant and up to date information about Cardano network updates and news that can affect stake pool operations.

Why join SPOCRA?

SPOCRA is the Stake Pool Operator Collective Representation Assembly, which is a trade guild for any acting or aspiring Stake Pool Operators & Owners that want to be represented, informed, & connected.

The members that would like to join this network enjoy creative experiences such as building their own Stake Pool Operations business and support those that seek to create as well. This is a community of individuals that put forth the effort into learning and growing to create the life they desire most - by living through the passion that drives them and working together to strengthen the SPO community. 

~Which, we share that as humans, the Freedom to live out our life passions.

We are in the initial stages of creating SPOCRA and aim to serve the community by providing the best value we know how. If you'd like to benefit from this value, connect with other SPOs, and/ or become a meaningful & active member of SPOCRA contributing value as well then we invite you to join our growing network.  

Check out the Welcome Page for more information on SPOCRA membership and how you can become involved.

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